Upside Down Pineapple Poundcake

I love a good pound cake…Sweet, tasty and buttery! There are so many fresh fruits on the Nature Island (Dominica).  Pineapples are in season and I thought it would be fun to make my very own Upside Down Pineapple Pound Cake.  Pound cakes are soooooo delicious.  Of course this recipe calls for lots of butta!  Paula Deen would be proud!  I would love to cook with her on one of her shows (or even mine). Call my publicist Paula! I’m sure we could learn a lot from one another.
I would recommend that you go to the nearest farmer’s market to get a fresh pineapple. If you are living in Dominica go to Portsmouth or Roseau Market.  Going to your local grocer will work too. Last case scenario…feel free to use canned crushed and sliced pineapple.
Pineapple Poundcake

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How to keep your air fryer in good condition

You have read about various benefits of air fryers and gone through the best air fryer reviews to select the right one for your kitchen. Congratulation for getting such healthy cooking appliance with advanced technology and high convenience.

One of the nicest things about an air fryer is that cleaning is easy and very little maintenance. You do not have to clean lots of dirty and oily pans or utensils. No mess to clean up and no more splashes or spatters. That being said, your air fryer will not serve you forever if you do not perform proper cleaning and maintenance. This article will guide you through these processes and help you keep your appliance in great working conditions for years to come.

Before proceeding, there are a few things you must take note while using your air fryer so that you do not end up causing ruining the appliance. Even proper cleaning and maintenance may not help you handle these damages.

  • Read the user manual carefully before setting up and using the appliance. Keep the manual somewhere you can easily access in case you need help with troubleshooting.
  • Follow the manual instructions closely: do not go overboard with the amount of food and oil you put in the appliance. Make sure you know how to use the appliance the right way.
  • An air fryer is an electric appliance so proper cautions in using such device are required. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged cord or immerse it 100% in water.Tefal actifry 2 in 1

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How To Look After Non-Stick Cookware

Non-Stick CookwareIt’s a waste of money to keep buying pots and pans so here are some tips to extend the life of your non-stick cookware.

It goes without saying that you should follow the manufacturers instructions for any pan you use. However below you will find some useful tips on how to extend the life of your non-stick cookware.

Of course the first step should be to buy high quality pans. For example  anodised pans should last longer than teflon coated pans if used correctly.

Upon using a pan for the first time it is good practise to ‘season’ the pan.

Seasoning a pan entails placing the pan on a medium heat and adding oil to the pan. Once the oil has warmed up take the pan of the heat and wipe out the oil with a soft cloth or paper towel.

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Secrets of Superior Stainless Steel Pans

Stainless Steel PansAn often used quote is ‘you get what you pay for‘ and with pots and pans that is certainly the case.

These days stainless steel pans are the norm however stainless steel pans are not created equal.

Stainless steel is basically made up of iron, carbon, nickel and chromium. It is an alloy metal and as such will not break or chip very easily.

Stainless steel pans will last several years with higher quality items lasting a life time if treated properly.

A great advantage of stainless steel pans is that they are suitable for all hob types even induction.

However plain stainless steel pans provide problems for the domestic cook.

Fact: a plain stainless steel pan is a poor conductor of heat.

This means that people who buy cheaper pots and pans are wasting their money.

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Great Expectations


I attend the annual Grape Expectations, the viticultural and enological symposium sponsored by Rutgers University’s Agricultural Experiment Stations yesterday and left feeling a little cheated. The day was actually pretty informative, but one little thing just irked me.

The symposium leans to the technical side of wine making. Talks gear themselves to the experienced viticulturists looking to fine tune operations and the novice looking to get started in the business. From my perspective, I find it helpful getting a good dose of edification about controlling brown marmorated stink bugs and grape berry moths, timing properly the application of fungicides, and measuring nitrogen levels for proper yeast fermentation. In order to write about New Jersey wines and the people who make them, I have to have a well-rounded understanding of what goes on in that world. I won’t be hanging bug traps in a vineyard, but, as a writer, I now know the whys and hows. As a wine drinker, I have an even greater appreciation of how much effort goes into getting that wine into your glass. Continue reading “Great Expectations” »

Bielsa Garnacha 2010, Campo de Borja



Bielsa is the winery’s brand name.

Garnacha is the grape variety, the same as what the French call Grenache or Grenache Noir (to distinguish it from its white variant, Grenache Blanc, called Garnacha Blanca in Spain).

2010 is the vintage, the year the grapes were harvested (in the fall of the year).

Campo de Borja is the winegrowing area where the grapes came from, in the region of Aragon in northeastern Spain.

Vinas Viejas means Old Vines, in this case, vines older than 50 years. Older vines usually produce smaller yields of more intensely flavored grapes.

Sin Filtrar means Unfiltered, so this wine has probably been fined, since it is quite brilliant in the glass, and it isn’t an old vintage (lots of time in tank or barrel might have allowed things to settle out on their own, without fining).

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